The Hamburg Spring Dome is just around the corner!

The Hamburg Spring Dome is an exciting annual folk festival that captures people’s hearts from the March 22 to April 21. This festive event transforms the Heiligengeistfeld into a wonderland that delights visitors of all ages.

The Spring Dome offers a wide range of attractions and amusements. From breathtaking rides, like the Ferris wheel, to game and prize booths, there’s something for everyone to discover.

For the little visitors there is a special children’s dome with child-friendly rides and entertainment. And let’s not forget the festive Christmas market, which attracts with handmade gifts and culinary delights.

Winterdom is a great opportunity to get into the pre-Christmas spirit and have fun together with family and friends. So mark the March 22 to April 21. in your calendar and experience the Hamburg Spring Dome!

Hamburger DOM