Sashimi Sushi becomes Sushi Supply!

The Japanese fast food bar in the foyer of Hamburg's central station celebrates its grand reopening on 22.10.2018. Not only the name changes, but also the concept is adapted: From now on, Sushi Supply will focus even more on natural ingredients, awareness of health and environment as well as on a creative, authentic taste experience.

Accompanied by the slogan "Eat Inspired", Sushi Supply shows how authentic, creative food, conscious nutrition and time-efficient consumption can be combined in the future.

Guests and customers can choose from four main categories: Sushi, Poké Bowls, Hot Pots and Mixed. Vegetarians and vegans will also find a wide selection. Guests can also enjoy a diverse variety of starters, snacks and desserts. Depending on time and preference, customers can just take the food with them or immediately savor it at Sushi Supply’s counter.