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The history of Wandelhalle


Hamburg Central Station came into operation on 6 December 1906. The northern hall that connects the station's main entrances became known under the name "Wandelhalle" (meaning promenade, foyer or lobby) and has been an integral part of Hamburg Central Station ever since.

The start of the Second World War dramatically changed the image of the railway station. On 9 November 1941 the first bombs fell onto the building and damaged it so severely that a complete renovation was due.


After several initial repairs, further reparations to the station were made after the currency reform of 1948. It took until the 1970s for the station's full restoration to be completed.

In 1979, however, it came to light that the steel Wandelhalle bridge was suffering from corrosion, most likely due to war damages. For this reason, the bridge had to be completely demolished and rebuilt in 1985.


On 1 June 1991, the new Wandelhalle was inaugurated with a festive grand reopening. The result was a 7,600 square meter shopping centre over two floors, with 50 specialty shops, restaurants and service stations and stunning historic architecture. For more than 25 years now, Wandelhalle has drawn in locals, tourists and travellers alike and has become a central port of call that's always worth a visit.

7 days a week, from morning to night – on Sundays and holidays, too.