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In the last 30+ years we have become a magnet for everyone who appreciates colorful diversity and a popular stopover for travellers, tourists, passers-by and local residents. Whether it’s last-minute purchases, services or fancy a to-go, there is a lot to discover in our numerous shops 365 days a year. Only recently, the first and only Harry Potter / Wizarding World Shop by Thalia opened on the European mainland. The Wandelhalle is a place that connects people and never stands still – 7 days a week.

  • 2005


Expansion and reopening of the food court

In 2004, remodeling and expansion of the central food court began. It is the centerpiece of the Wandelhalle. A year later, we opened what was then the largest food court in downtown Hamburg. 19 stands offered a wide variety of culinary specialties and provided plenty of gastronomic variety, either for dining in or as a to-go meal for the journey.

  • 2005

  • 1991


Successful reopening

On June 1 1991, the grand and festive reopening of the “New Wandelhalle” was celebrated. After the reconstruction, a shopping center was created with impressive historical architecture, over 2 floors on 7,600 m2 and with 50 specialty shops, restaurants and service points. Something very special for a central station in Germany.

  • 1970


Successful reconstruction

After a few makeshift repairs, work on the station continued after the currency reform. In the 1970s, a major overhaul finally took place.

  • 1970

  • 1939


During the Second World War, the image of Hamburg’s main station changed fundamentally. On November 9, 1941, it suffered its first major damage from bombing, so that a complete renewal was in question.

  • 1906


In the heart of Hamburg

On December 6, 1906, the main station in Hamburg was put into operation. The entrance, connecting and main exit hall located on the north side became known as the “Wandelhalle”. It is an integral part of Hamburg’s main train station. It housed the waiting rooms for the 1st to 4th classes, ticket offices, baggage claim and other service facilities.

  • 1906